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EXEL Tooth Bars (Swords) & Teeth:

Our EXEL tooth bar and teeth are made from the hardest weldable steel which is heat treated for optimum wear and durability. Less changing of toothbars means less down time and less replacing of nuts & bolts.

Tooth bars are available in an 8 or 9 tooth configuration are offered in the following options:

  • 40×20 Heavy duty (with / without 20×20 Backing Bar) :- Long lasting to allow multiple retooth.
  • 40×15 Medium duty (with / without a 20×20 backing bar) :- Disposable option.

Teeth are manufactured as standard with an optimum angle for extra wear and are  available in different lengths 5.5”, 6” or 6.5” as well as a 6” round tooth to suit the range of fishing grounds. 

Tips can be produced in varying lengths to suit. We can competitively produce any length tooth with an angle point or back edge should you require a custom design.

Standard size tooth bars and teeth are kept in stock and can be shipped next day delivery, with all other sizes made to order.

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