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About Us…

John and Margaret Reid formed the company JOHN A. REID in 1972 on the island of Islay. By the late seventies we had established a growing business in the repair and manufacture of gear for the fishing industry on the west coast of Scotland. Over the years have expanded our services throughout the UK.

40 years later the business, now known as Reid Scallop Gear and Chandlery, is still a family concern. We were joined by our son Jonathan who has been learning about the industry for as long as he can remember! He has the industry in his blood and his ambition has helped us to further expand.

Alongside our Tabert workshop, Jonathan opened a new workshop in Brixham in 2007, which has full facilities for repair, renovation and manufacture of scallop gear, as well as space for our ever expanding chandlery store. This move was so successful that in 2010 we closed our premises in Tarbert and relocated our entire business to Devon where we now serve a growing customer base. The knowledge and passion we have built up over the 40 years can only be described as enormous.

It is our hope to continue serving customers, both old and new, for many years to come.

Press & Media Coverage…

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General Information…

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