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Alongside the components for all our products we stock spares in the following.

  • Spare End Knuckles – part of our EXEL range the end knuckle is made from special steel and hardened therefore longer life and less down time.
  • Springs – 4 available sizes including our EXEL jumbo spring.
  • Stainless Steel Eyebolts – Made in stainless steel to prevent rusting.
    You can leave gear without use and it will still be usable after months. With 16mm or 20mm hole
  • Forged High tensile eyebolts to suit M20 nut
  • End weights for crab lines – Double rail chairs, fitted with 20mm hoops and 2 large spinners.
    We can also renovate your old weights.
  • Spare paws (hinges) standard or case hardened
  • H Plate (adjusting plate for spring tension)
  • Chain (range of sizes)
  • Bobbins (range of sizes)
  • Bobbin washers 71/2"x1/2"
  • 1" thick towing eye lug for towing bar
  • Spare belly rod c/w split pin
  • Panels for repairing chain bag any size made to order
  • 10mm chain bag rings welded or open
  • 10mm chain bag washers
  • Cut washers for repairing chain bags
  • Scallop links (501b) pail
  • Scallop link closure tool
  • Shackles for frame to towing bar
  • Shackles for chains to towing bar
  • Scallop measures