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EXEL Scallop Frames:

Our EXEL frames have been specially designed to be long lasting and provide excellent performance in even the toughest conditions. Beamers who have tried this product out, have been delighted and in some cases have had no wear problems over a whole season & no wear to the striker plates.

As standard our EXEL frames are manufactured using specialized hardened steel for the stops, paws and knuckles to provide you with confidence that you will avoid some of the irritating problems – paws going out of line, eating into the stop and top knuckles wearing. Everything is made in one complete unit and is heat treated as a whole to avoid the softening of stops/knuckles when welded onto the frames.

All Frames come complete with springs, eyebolts, hinges etc. Chain bags can be installed if required using our tailor made rings (not just shackles).

Our frames can be made to any specification including;

  • Light weight made in 2' and 2'6"
  • Medium weight made in 2' and 2'6", can be fitted with 16mm or 20mm h/t bolts
  • Super heavy weight suitable for large beamers, can be fitted with full bellies and trails and are fitted with 20mm h/t bolts.
  • Other sizes 3ft ,4ft and 5ft are made to special order to suit individual requirements.

All Frames are also available with easy access 'windy gun' design.

Mussel & Queenie dredges

Contact us or call us for more details.

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