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Chain Bags:

The washers, rings and heat treatment of our chain bags have been given special attention to ensure that we make a durable product at a sensible price, and to ensure that we cater to the needs of all boat sizes.

We make our own washers on site so that we can keep a tight control on both weight, quality and the type of steel used. The washers are 13mm thick which enables a greater life and we are able to make the main wear areas with double washers making it more flexible and easy to tow.

We also make a lighter double washer design which can suit smaller boats.

The ringsare made to our specifications using a specialised high tensile spring steel and we have a close working relationship with a leading heat treatment company.

The EXEL chain bag can be manufactured in whatever size you require;
i.e. 10×10, 11×10 or 12×10.

  • All chain bags are made with 8mm / 6mm rings on the back or a combination to suit your needs
  • Our standard bag is 10×10 deep with 1 heavy t/up and 1 heavy turn in with a 1/2 back.
  • All chain bags can come complete with rails or pipes & plates and can be re-panelled if required.
  • Standard size chain bags are kept in stock with all other sizes made to order.

We also make a full range of Mussel & Queenie chain bags in whatever size you require.

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