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Press & Media Coverage

Western Morning News 21 May 2007: New scallop gear firm dredges in the orders.
A busy new scallop-gear manufacturing firm, run by John Reid and based in Brixham, introduces stronger, thicker and harder tooth bars for the bigger vessels.
The teeth measure 30mm by 15mm in cross section, said Mr Reid, telling how his firm supplied dredges for all sizes of vessels.
Son of his namesake father and well-known scallop-gear manufacturer based in Tarbet, Scotland, John Reid junior moved to the South West because of the "sizeable and growing fleet of inshore scallopers now doing quite well".
He said: "I opened the firm just a few weeks ago and I'm very pleased at the response from both sides of the Westcountry scallop industry so far".
"Whereas the gear for bigger boats and smaller boats is marginally different, all of my products are built to the highest specification. I can tailor the style of dredge, and/or specification to what the skipper wants. For the bigger boats, I have responded to a call from many skippers now wanting to get more working hours from each tooth bar. The bars are stronger and thicker and all of the dredges are made with the use of airgun spanners in mind, where the crew want to spend as little time as possible on deck maintaining the gear as lost fishing time is very costly".
Trials of the firm's new gear were recently carried out on the Plymouth inshore boat, Manx Ranger, and the results have spurred several sizeable orders with Mr Reid.
Brixham vessel owner Nick Prust said: "His gear is very good. It's made very well, it's long-lasting and I'm very pleased with the performance – it is definitely much stronger".